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Welcome to Headwaters Veterinary Center!

Headwaters Veterinary Center has been serving the Bemidji community with integrity since 2007.

Personalized, Compassionate Care

We know your pet is a treasured family member, and we are committed to treating both you and your pet with kindness and respect. We are proud of our client’s positive reviews because ‘there is just something different about Headwaters; a positive & caring environment.’  

Meet the Team!

At Headwaters Veterinary Center, we are dedicated to the high standards that our clients (and friends) have come to expect of us. We treat each of you as we would want to be treated, and we are committed to building long-term relationships. 

Our Services

Our clinic setting is a balance of homey and professional, and we pride ourselves in providing personalized and compassionate service. Our priority is about getting to know both you and your furry companions, and we strive to offer the best veterinary care available.

Excellent Veterinary Care

Through all stages of life, we help you keep your best friend healthier longer!  

Headwaters Veterinary Center Latest Articles

How can you tell if your pet’s heart is pumping right?


Schedule your pet’s annual checkup today and let’s take a listen!

When you’re a pet owner, you know a lot about the health of your pet just by using your senses. You can see your pet’s eyes when they’re goopy. You can smell their ear infection a mile away. You can feel the lumps and bumps on their skin. But what about their heart? How do you know if that organ is healthy?


Hairballs, Hacks, Gags and Gas:


Learn why you should schedule your
pet’s annual checkup today!

When you’re a pet owner, you know all the benefits of living with a furry friend in your home. Wet kisses, happy tail wags, loud purrs.

Did you expect hairballs on the carpet? Partially digested garbage strewn all over the floor?

Did you expect your pet to belong to the “Speed Eaters Anonymous Club,” where they eat so fast it comes right back up?

Like many pet owners, you may assume these digestive ailments just happen. You may assume they’re normal and chalk them up to coming with the territory of living with a pet. Perhaps they’ve become regular occurrences that you simply handle with mild frustration. Overall, no worries, you say!


~What Our Clients Say~


  • Dr. Tom has always taken great care of my two German Shorthairs. They are active dogs that always seem to get into trouble. Headwaters Veterinary has always been able to get the back in the field in short order.

    Zach H. (Google Review)
  • Very satisfied with care and service. We have 5 cats and 1 dog plus goats and horses. Support team is also great.


    Carol S. (Google Review)
  • Dr. Tom is an amazing vet, you can tell he actually cares about the animals, and does everything he can for them in his power. I have never had a problem going there, kinda spendy but what real good vet is not. Worth the money for sure!

    Miranda V. (Google Review)
  • Great staff and always caring.

    Greg P. (Facebook Review)
  • Great, highly competent, friendly vet! For years afterwards he would ask by name about our cat, whom he had stitched up after apparently getting into some kind of altercation with another animal, when we'd see him out and about in public. Also great with our dogs.

    Heather B. (Facebook Review)
  • Dr Tom is the best. Always takes the time he needs with our fur kids. The staff is kind as well. I love this place.

    Jean E. (Facebook Review)
  • Love the personal service and great care they give to our dog!

    Taci B. (Facebook Review)
  • Great friendly staff. Easy to get in and out and easy to make appointments.

    Brittany B. (Facebook Review)
  • Excellent staff and continually great service from Dr. Tom. Very compassionate, especially during hard times.

    Brian C. (Facebook Review)