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Your pet from nose to tail

For all of your pet’s healthcare needs, count on the team at Headwaters Veterinary Center to be there. We take you step-by-step through each process, answer all your questions, and ensure you and your pet leave feeling better than when you came in.

Wellness Care & Vaccinations

Protect your pet's health and prevent problems before they start with routine exams and check-ups. At Headwaters Veterinary Center, we provide thorough exams to ensure every aspect of your pet's health is in top form, from the wag of their tail to the snoot of their nose. We also offer annual and start-of-life vaccinations to ward off future illnesses and diseases.


Fun fact: Pets with microchips have the best chance of being found if they ever get lost. Microchips are small, painless, and hold your pet's and your own contact information. While ID tags on collars are useful, they can be removed, damaged, or fall off entirely. Microchips are a permanent and safe identification option that have been proven to work!

Spay & Neuter

Our team is here to offer you a comprehensive spay and neutering service that is beneficial to your furry friends. Not only does it help prevent pet overpopulation, but it also reduces certain cancer risks and curbs unwanted behavioral issues. Our clinic is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable care, ensuring a successful procedure. We invite you to join us in responsible pet ownership, making a positive impact on pets and their communities.

Dental Care

Just like humans, an animal's dental health is crucial to their overall health. Untreated dental conditions can spread harmful bacteria and disease throughout your pet's body. Furthermore, dental issues can cause your pet great pain that they are unable to communicate. That's why scheduling regular dental care appointments with Headwaters Veterinary Center is essential in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Internal Medicine

Dive deeper into your pet's health and well-being with our internal medicine and diagnostic services at Headwaters Veterinary Center. We examine, diagnose, and treat a variety of internal issues your pet may have, including internal systems such as your pet's heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, brain, and more.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory testing helps our team properly diagnosis and treat your pet, and saves you time and money. Routine tests like CBC and blood chemistry panels can detect and monitor diseases, while fecal and urinalysis tests provide valuable information about your pet's health and wellbeing.


At Headwaters Veterinary Center, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the source of your pet’s health issues and ensuring their full recovery. Our digital radiological and x-ray capabilities provide convenient, on-site diagnostic support that can be essential for accurate patient treatment.

Senior Wellness

As pets live longer, senior wellness exams with Headwaters Veterinary Center are important to detect age-related changes and manage chronic conditions. Regular exams can help detect illnesses and diseases early, which is crucial for pets since they age much faster than humans. It is our goal to keep your senior pet as healthy and comfortable as possible as they step into their sunset years.

Allergy Testing & Allergy Management

Did you know your pets can have allergies too? Same as humans, pets experience the itchy, irritating, uncomfortable allergies that come from environmental, dietary, medical, or genetic factors. Here’s a few signs your pet has an allergy -

1. Skin irritation: Allergies can cause pets to itch, scratch, or lose hair.

2. Sneezing and coughing: Pets can experience respiratory allergies that cause these symptoms.

3. Runny eyes and nose: Allergies can cause excessive tearing, eye discharge, or a runny nose.

4. Vomiting or diarrhea: Food allergies may cause these gastrointestinal symptoms.

5. Ear infections: Allergies can cause discomfort, head shaking, and a foul odor in the ears.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, it is important to schedule an appointment with Headwaters Veterinary Center to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms and develop a treatment plan.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites can be a real pest for pets! Protect your pets from a variety of harmful parasites, such as fleas, worms, ticks, and mosquitoes, by working with our veterinarians at Headwaters Veterinary Center. We offer a range of preventatives for multiple kinds of parasites and pests, including heart and intestinal worms. Our team will work with you to determine the best plan to protect your pet from parasitic health problems.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We understand that the thought of your pet undergoing surgery can be stressful. However, our surgical team is dedicated to ensuring the success of every procedure and your pet's full recovery. We take every measure to minimize risks and ensure your pet's safety and comfort throughout the entire process.

Headwaters Veterinary Center covers soft tissue surgeries such as -

1. Pet surgeries: Removing reproductive organs in female (spay) and male (neuter) animals.

2. Tumor removal: Surgery to remove soft tissue tumors.

3. Exploratory surgery: Look inside the body to determine the cause of an illness or injury.

4. Abdominal surgery: Removing bladder stones, repairing a hernia, or removing an obstructed object from the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Ophthalmic surgery: Repairing a prolapsed gland of the third eyelid, treating corneal ulcers, or removing a damaged eye.

6. Wound repair: Surgical repair for lacerations, puncture wounds, or other injuries.